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Greeting of Chairman of the Milli Mejlis of the Azerbaijan Republic.

  I’m pleased to welcome you through the official web-site of National Parliament (Milli Mejlis) of the Azerbaijan Republic, the country that gained its independence since 1991 and also invite you to make a virtual tour to the country’s legislative authority.
The Azerbaijan Republic is located in east part of the Southern Caucasus, between the Greater and Small Caucasian ridge and  the Caspian sea, the territory makes 87 thousand square meters, the population is exceeded 8,5 million by person.
Azerbaijan is world’s one of the most dynamically developing countries for the economic growth development. All branches of a public and state life are constructed on the basis of the modern world standards. Azerbaijan has reached remarkable successes in the field of creation of a civil society, in construction of the legal, democratic and secular state.

In addition to the afore-mentioned facts, the country is still experiencing problems in its today’s life. The biggest issue is as the military aggression by the Armenian Republic against the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan Republic. As a result of this aggression 20 % of territories of Azerbaijan, that is Nagorno-Karabakh enclave and 7 areas adjoining to them are occupied by the Armenian armed forces, more than 1 million Azerbaijanians has been doomed on compelled resettlement.

The OSCE Minsk intermediary Group carries on negotiations with Armenia. We hope, that these negotiations will be yielded with results and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan will be restored in peace way , all occupied territories will be released, refugees and immigrants will return to their native lands.

In spite of the fact that the most part of the country has lost the sovereignty, Azerbaijan could provide high-grade use of the country’s existing potential. Azerbaijan creates conditions for carrying out of the successful state policy established on the basis of a rational, responsible and democratic control system which is equitable to  interests and needs of people.

In accordance with the Constitution Law adopted through a public referendum held in 1995, the government of Azerbaijan  is formed on the basis of division of authority, the Legislature is implemented by Milli Mejlis of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The present third convocation Milli Mejlis has been formed  as a result of carrying out on November 6, 2005 general elections and on May 13, 2006  by-election adequating high world standards. Almost all political forces functioning in the country are represented in the unicameral parliament consisting of 125 deputies. Political and public figures, scientists and experts, culture and art figures of the country are among the members of the parliament. Of 125 deputies, 14 are women.

As a result of activity of Milli Mejlis the steady legal base for an all-around development of the Azerbaijan state has been based. The parliament has accepted more than 2250 laws and decisions since 1995.

Though the main competence of the Milli Mejlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan is related to the legislation and law making, the international relations are also of great importance in its activity.  At present,  Milli Mejlis is a member of numerous universal and regional international parliament organizations, that’s full member of the Inter-parliamentary Union, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the OSCE    Parliamentary Assembly, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Economic Cooperation Organization, the Inter-parliamentary Assembly of CIS, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Islamic Conference Organization, the Parliamentary Assembly of the GUAM member countries as well as associative member of the NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly and has an active cooperation with the European Parliament and other international structures. There are also working groups in the Milli Mejlis on the relations with the legislative bodies of about 70 countries.
The activity of the Milli Mejlis of  Azerbaijan Republic  is  established  on the principles of transparency and clarity and the web-site presented to your attention could be considered as an evidence to the facts mentioned.  I invite you you to find the useful information and materials presented in the Milli Mejlis official website and hope that the information placed on this web page will be helpful to you to become closely acquainted with the parliament activity.




Ogtay Asadov,
Chairman of  the Milli Mejlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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