Natural Resources, Energy and Ecology Committee in a Meeting

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29 March 2023 | 15:04   

Head of the parliamentary Committee of Natural Resources, Energy and Ecology Sadig Gurbanov presented three draft laws in the first reading at the online committee meeting held on 29 March.

Those were sets of amendments to the Electrical Energy Law, the Gas Supplies Law and the Water Supplies and Wastewater Disposal Law.

The gravity of the amendments was underlined. It follows that, according to the City Planning and Building Code, it is prohibited to connect to power, gas, water and sewage grids those construction projects that require a building permit but have been completed or are being built without such a permit. The same applies to construction projects to which notification proceedings apply but which have been or are being built without the justification provided for in Section 80.4 of the Code having been had before the commencement of building operations.

Committee Members Iltizam Yusifov, Mashhur Mammadov, Nasib Mahamaliyev, Aliabbas Salahzade, Afat Hasanova and Mikhail Zabelin as well as Head of the Economic Legislation Department of the Milli Majlis Staff Muhammad Bazigov spoke of the Bills’ importance and the amendments’ expediency. They said also that the drafts would, once made into law, help prevent unlawful construction activities.

It was then recommended to bring the Bills before the House at a plenum.

Next, the committee chairman and members commented on yesterday’s terrorist attack on MP Fazil Mustafa. They condemned that assault and expressed confidence that it would be properly investigated and that the attackers would be found and duly punished.


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