Milli Majlis Chair Sahiba Gafarova Sends a Letter to Inter-Parliamentary Organisations’ Leaders and Overseas Parliaments’ Speakers about Armenian Manipulations

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01 August 2023 | 19:53   

Speaker of the Milli Majlis Sahiba Gafarova sent a letter to leaders of inter-parliamentary organisations and heads of overseas parliaments on 1 August.

It stated in Mrs Gafarova’s letter in the autumn of 2020, following the 44-day Patriotic War, Azerbaijan recovered her lands from 30 years of Armenian occupation and restored her territorial integrity. Even though Azerbaijan itself had fallen a victim of aggression, it was still Azerbaijan that launched a peace initiative for the establishment of lasting peace and stability in the South Caucasus and normalisation of relations with Armenia on the basis of international legal norms and principles. Azerbaijan also took steps towards the social reintegration of the Armenians living in Garabagh.

Mrs Gafarova writes with regret that Armenia, along with the use of the Lachin Road, has continued to commit military provocations against Azerbaijan and interfere in its internal affairs of late. Armenia has also hindered the establishment of dialogue with the Garabagh Armenians. Exercising its sovereign right, which also meets international legal postulates, the Republic of Azerbaijan established a border checkpoint on the Lachin Road in April 2023. This right of Azerbaijan is also enshrined in the final judgement of the UN International Court of Justice. Unable to digest this, Armenia opened fire on an Azerbaijani border guard, resorted to provocation against the Azerbaijani flag and repeatedly made attempts at unauthorised use of the Lachin Road, which clearly demonstrated the real attitude of this country towards the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and how committed this country really is to the peace process.

The recent statements made by Armenia to the effect that there is a ‘tense humanitarian situation’ in the Garabagh Region of Azerbaijan and that the Armenian residents of this Azerbaijani province allegedly face shortages of food and medicine were merely political manipulations aimed at confusing the international community and once again attacking the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Further, Ms. Gafarova's letter emphasises that Azerbaijan has offered the use of the Aghdam-Khankendi Road for transportation of humanitarian supplies to the town of Khankendi and surrounding villages, a proposal that has won international acclaim. The blocking of this road by the separatists shows the true intentions of the forces that launched this campaign in the first place. Namely, they aim to disrupt the peace process and prevent the reintegration of the Armenian inhabitants of Garabagh into Azerbaijani society.

Azerbaijan has often demonstrated her commitment to a constructive dialogue in the name of peace and stability being restored to the region and will continue the relevant endeavours. The rights of the Armenians who live in Garabagh will be protected in accordance with the Constitutions and laws of the country.

Finally, the letter notes that the international community should react to all of the above and demonstrate a responsible approach to the issue, avoid being deceived by the manipulations of the Armenian side and explain to Armenia the need to commit to a constructive dialogue.


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