Chair of Milli Majlis Meets Chairman of Court of Accounts of Republic of Turkey

Chair`s Meetings
20 May 2022 | 18:26   

Chair of the Milli Majlis Sahiba Gafarova had a meeting on 20 May with the Chairman of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Turkey Metin Yener who is visiting in our country.

The leader of the Milli Majlis welcomed the guest, referred to the Azerbaijani-Turkish relationship being in the zenith and said that, as the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev had pointed out, the global political system had no analogues to touch this relationship built and building up along the ‘one nation – two states’ lines.

It is very inspiring and encouraging that the brotherly bonds become stronger from day to day. Two-way visits of the heads of state and of high-status delegations factor in the progress of our relations substantially, Mrs Gafarova continued, recalling a propos the joint attendance of the launch of the Rize-Artvin Airport by the presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey. The very presence of the leaders of the fraternal states at such events is a sheer sign of our friendship. Then, bilateral negotiations held during mutual visits and the documents signed so far have formed the solid legal frameworks for our relationship.

The Chair of the Milli Majlis also mentioned with pleasure the participation of Chair of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop in the Third General Forum of the PAECO and the joint trip of all the delegations at the conference to Shusha.

The visit of the head of the Turkish Court of Accounts to Baku, then, matters very much in terms of the continued intensification of the links between the audit bodies of our countries, in the opinion of Mrs Gafarova who also stressed that the promotion of the co-operation amongst our state agencies and institutions served the cause of making the ties connecting us firmer.

Sahiba Gafarova proceeded to touch on the special role our parliaments play in broadening the relations and to mention approvingly the work done by the parliamentary friendship groups of the two sides as well as the multi-faceted collaboration between the Milli Majlis and the GNAT. Members of both legislative assemblies combine forces bilaterally as well as on multilateral platforms. Incidentally, the international relations committees of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia are going to have their next joint meeting in Baku and Shusha in a matter of days. Such sessions are tremendously important when it comes to strengthening the connexions amongst us further, in the opinion of Mrs Gafarova.

Chairman of the Court of Accounts of Turkey Metin Yener said his thanks for the cordial welcome given him before saying that he was very pleased with his visit to our country and the conversations he had had here. As for deepening the co-operation between the two fraternal and friendly states in various walks of life, as it were, well, it serves the interests of both nations, Mr Yener emphasised.

It is as important that the two sides’ audit authorities exchange experience and information. The high-level political dialogue in process bears well on the Turkish-Azerbaijani economic, cultural and humanitarian interaction.

Mr Yener said then that Azerbaijan’s achievements made Turkey glad as well. The international reputation of each of the two countries continues rising and becoming stronger thanks to their friendship and fraternity, to Mr Yener’s mind.

Other matters of shared interest, too, were broached during the conversation.

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